About us

Sheena Logothetti, DVM

Veterinarian and Owner
Dr. Sheena Logothetti began her career in the environmental field. She earned her bachelor's degree from UCSD and master's degree from University of Georgia in conservation ecology before finding her passion for veterinary medicine. She pivoted to the veterinary field when she had the privilege to assist a phenomenal house-call veterinarian in Boulder, Colorado. Working for this extremely skilled and compassionate mobile vet made her fall in love with the profession. She earned her DVM from the University of Wisconsin in 2007 with an emphasis in companion animal and wildlife medicine. After 15 years of working in brick and mortar veterinary clinics, she has come full circle in her career, creating Shearwater Mobile Veterinary in 2023 to offer high quality, low stress medicine to the Santa Cruz community. In addition to having a strong interest in animal behavior and complex medical cases, she is also passionate about environmental and social justice causes as well as gender equity in sports. Dr. Logothetti shares her life and home with her husband, two daughters, two rescue dogs, her perpetually hungry cat, and her tirelessly supportive mom.

Teresa Clarke

Veterinary Technician
Teresa has dedicated almost 30 years to the well-being of our animal companions. She started her veterinary technician career in Sacramento in emergency medicine before working in animal shelters to help abandoned and un-homed pets. Teresa moved to Santa Cruz six years ago where she has worked as a veterinary technician and overnight nurse. She has unique expertise in understanding animal behavior and is dedicated to keeping our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible through their veterinary visits. Teresa continues to serve animals in need through fostering for rescue organizations, making medical visits for people that need extra help and offers pet-sitting services. She is excited to help launch Shearwater Mobile Veterinary and has worked with Dr. Sheena Logothetti for the past six years. Teresa shares her home with her extremely well trained agility dog, Echo.
Why Shearwater?
Dr. Sheena began her career in wildlife conservation and has always been passionate about the health of our marine environment. Among the long-distance champions of the animal world, sooty shearwaters undertake a remarkable migration, traveling 40,000 miles , from breeding grounds in Australia, New Zealand and Chile to richer feeding sites in the Monterey Bay and Northern Pacific Ocean. They are brief but meaningful visitors that spark joy when flocks, sometimes in the thousands, appear on Monterey Bay’s beautiful horizon. Although my journey to your home is shorter, we hope to bring joy (and health) to your pets during our visits.
Shearwater Mobile Veterinary is committed to sustainable veterinary practice. Our mobile van is an all-electric vehicle charged by solar power. We are always working to minimize our waste stream, maximize recycling, and purchase from sustainable vendors.
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